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Cloud Computing – Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Backbone Networking

Network and data center virtualization as well as cloud computing consumption models are constantly changing models that affect IT service delivery to clients and within a client’s organization. Using these technologies allows organizations to accomplish more with less.Coud Computing

Cloud Computing Business Benefits

Cloud Computing, virtualized data center and core networking allows your organization to streamline IT operations, rapidly scale the environment to accommodate business need(s) which results improved efficiency. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduction in operation cost
  • Improved service quality
  • Faster deployment of IT solutions
  • Improved productivity

Cloud Computing Business Challenges

Organizations are forced to do more with less as IT challenges increase and IT budgets decrease. Employing Cloud and Data Center Virtualization solutions allow organizations to:

  • Keep up with rapid application growth, BYOD, and video streaming demands
  • Improve productivity and quality, within budget
  • Secure critical business data
  • Optimized infrastructure resources

Cloud Computing Business Solutions

Allen Global Consulting provides both backbone networks as well as cloud and data center solutions that assist our clients with their cloud computing and data center virtualization needs. Our solutions include:

  • Data Center Optimization and Virtualization
  • Network infrastructure and Optimization
  • Private and hybrid cloud design and implementation

Private and Hybrid Cloud

Allen Global Consulting can help your organization reap the full benefits of Private Cloud computing by helping them combine both virtual and physical assets into a private cloud environment. This environment allows organizations to provide IT services to their workforce in a secure and cost effective solution.

Hybrid Cloud computing allows organizations to place specific workloads in the Public Cloud according to capacity. This strategy allows them to augment their physical network at a reduced cost. Using the Hybrid Cloud solution presents its own set of challenges including security and the ability to manage both public and private cloud through a single interface. Allen Global Consulting in partnership with Cisco Systems can help your organization plan, design, implement and support a Private and or Hybrid Cloud solution.

Core and Backbone Networks

Optimizing your network infrastructure to increase productivity and decrease operational cost is our core business. As a certified Cisco reseller and solutions provider, we work with Cisco 6000 and 7000 series of Network Analysis Modules (NAMs) to help our clients build high quality, low latency, and easy to manage backbone.