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Managed Services

Allen Global Consulting managed services supports your internal skills and allows your business to focus on customers. Our Managed services are based on high-availability service levels and can cover all aspects of your infrastructure from managed support services to fully designed, implemented and managed network solutions.Allen Global Manged Services

Managed Services Benefits

IT and Business Managed Services provide several benefits including:

  • Focus on core business competencies
  • Increase Infrastructure performance and uptime
  • Decrease cost
  • Increase productivity
  • Steady operating costs

Managed Services Challenges

In-house Managed Services can result in the following challenges:

  • Managing multiple suppliers
  • Attracting and keeping specialized workforce
  • Maintaining knowledge and skillsets
  • Loss of core business focus

Managed Services Solutions

Allen Global Consulting provides the following managed services:

  • Managed LAN
  • Managed WAN
  • Managed Wireless Access
  • Manage Collaboration and Communication
  • Managed Network Security
  • Managed Support

Managed Services

Allen Global Consulting can provide monitoring and support for solutions and administer all aspects on behalf of your organization so that you can focus on your core business. Utilizing our managed services also reduces your IT management costs. We can manage your current environment or provide with a new managed services solution. In both instances, the process begins with us understanding your service strategy. IT Service Management is the foundation of our managed services solutions. As a result, we are able to provide you with regular reporting and service review meetings that give you the information your organization needs to assess the quality of service and make changes as your business needs change.

Managed LAN

Our Managed LAN solutions are powered by Cisco. We install, monitor, and manage the devices on your behalf and according to the agreed service design.

Managed WAN

Our Manage WAN service can connect all of your sites through several access methods including Ethernet, ADSL, Wireless, Satellite and 3G. Our network services are powered by Cisco products and applications. We select the appropriate services and hardware based on your business needs, site location, circuit availability, performance yield and budget. We can manage the transition from your existing WAN to Allen Global Consulting Managed WAN including design, transition, implementation, and support.

Managed Wireless Access

Allen Global Consulting Managed Wireless solutions are also powered by Cisco and built using their line of Cloud Managed wireless access points and appliances. These appliances support BYOD and apply device specific policies and application management as well as analytics for metrics such as foot traffic, dwell time, repeat visits, and capture rate.

Managed Collaboration and Communication

Through our partnership with Cisco, we provide Managed Collaboration and Communications solutions that feature IP telephony, instant messaging, unified messaging, employee mobility, BYOD support, web conferencing and contact center functionality. We provide our Managed Communication and Collaboration service with full SIP and ISDN.

Managed Network Security

Our Managed Network Security solutions are built using Cisco Cloud Managed network security appliances that include a user, content and application aware firewall. It also has an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), site-to-site full and split tunnel VPN capabilities as well as content filtering Active Directory integration and routing capabilities WAN optimization and link bonding. We can install, monitor, and manage devices on your behalf according the design agreement.