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Mobile Computing

Today’s market transitions– increasing video traffic, a wide range of new devices, more and more mobile and remote workers are driving the need for a Borderless Organization.  Historically, companies operated as a single, easily identifiable entity with a clear distinction inside and outside the organization. Its security was implemented with a similar approach.  Demands from customers, employees, and vendors, push the location, application, and device borders of an organization.Mobile Computing

The current work environment for any successful organization must be flexible and mobile. Providing employees with the ability to bring their own devices, connect, work, and securely store information is the new work normal. Organizations must also utilize mobile solutions to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Mobile Computing Business Benefits

  • Organizational efficiency and flexibility
  • Decreased Cost
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better workforce collaboration
  • Improved access to cloud

Mobile Computing Business Challenges

Management, Departments (IT) and employees all have different expectations when working wirelessly:

  • Management want more productivity with less costs
  • Employees want to the freedom and flexibility to connect from anywhere with their own devices
  • IT Department wants to ensure that data and devices connecting to the network are secure

Mobile Computing Solutions

Allen Global Consulting Mobile Computing solutions include:

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Network Access Control
  • Wireless Cloud Management
  • Unified Access
  • Unified Communications

Bring Your Own Device

Using Cisco hardware, Allen Global Consulting and help your organization build and provide unified communications that allow employees to be as productive using their smartphones and tablets while away from the office as they when they are at their desks. Our solutions help you provide your team with Instant Messaging (IM), mobile voice, video, as well as visual voicemail. We can also help you combing these tools with conferencing resources to extend the solution to web collaboration via corporate and personal smart phones, tablets, and any other smart device.

Unified Access

Allen Global Consulting utilizes Cisco Unified Access Technologies to help clients build a secure mobile computing environment that is scalable and responsive to business needs, new technologies and end users’ demands. We can help you achieve by developing a Unified Access based on a single network infrastructure that contains one policy and management across wired, wireless, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Wireless Cloud Management

Wireless computing allows both your employees and your customers interact with your organization without limitation – at least it should work that way. Allen Global Consulting can help you develop the Cisco solution that will help you provide the centralized management of your cloud through a browser without the cost and complication of onsite controllers.