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IT virtualization is a new IT management model that can help reduce IT operating costs while supporting business growth.

Virtualization Benefits

Data centers have been the main focus for the majority of virtualization project because the consume majority of the IT budget and experience the change in utilization.Virtualization Africa

Benefits of Virtualization include:

  • Consolidate multiple IT assets to work as a single resource
  • Expand a single IT asset to increase availability to more users
  • Auto Provisioning of Network devices

Virtualization Challenges

While the benefits of virtualization can provide for better performance, there are challenges that can inhibit or prevent IT departments from realizing them including:

  • Performance degradation when resources are near depletion
  • Lack or application awareness (OS virtualization does not virtualize the application)
  • Virtual Solution may cost more than the physical problem
  • Unused virtualization features – limits of the physical network limits virtualization implementation

Virtualization Solutions

To ensure the full potential of any virtualization solution, Allen Global Consulting will ensure that your organization’s application and storage network is prepared to handle the added of a VM infrastructure. Using Cisco’s BE6000 and/or BE7000 appliances we can help you build end-to-end collaboration solutions that allow you to:

  • Employ voice, video, conferencing, messaging, instant messaging, as well as mobile computing
  • Customize collaboration for your current needs and future business growth
  • Reduce operations cost by using a single source solution